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If The Red Wings Don’t Trade One Of Their Top 7 D…

The Griffins D will look like this:

Ouellet – Marchenko

Backman – Sproul

Paetsch – Jensen


I don’t know if they’ll go with 7 D, like they did at times last year, or if they’ll sit Paetsch or Evans, who have AHL only deals. Something to look forward to, I guess. I’d rather look forward to seeing Kindl traded and having one of the kids fight for the 6th spot. Lashoff is the perfect number 7.

That is all.

My Messed Up Relationship With Hockey Writing And The Interwebs

I like hockey.  I like the internet.  I don’t like when these things mix.

Seems strange, eh? Especially since you’re reading this on a hockey thing…on the internet. Irony is fun!

Here’s my biggest pet peeve – I spend hours writing a detailed post on a goal breakdown or breakdown Xavier Ouellet’s shifts. Good (at least okay?) material about actual hockey things. What happens? It gets ignored. I write a shitload of posts with a horribly misleading title and that’s it (OFFICIAL LIST OF REASONS MIKAEL SAMUELSSON SHOULD BE ON THE WINGS) and people actually, you know, give a shit. Drives me crazy.

I didn’t start writing to get clicks, I swear. I started because I was sick of seeing articles on the Wings or hockey in general that were just plain wrong. I still remember the final straw. It was a national article that had the incorrect number of Norris Trophies for Nicklas Lidstrom at that time. It’s not a quick typo on a tweet or a brain fart; we all have those. This is supposed to be a “knowledgeable” Wings person but was getting basic facts wrong. Especially on Lidstrom. Not cool. And sadly, I see so many factual mistakes in writing today. I don’t want to be “That Guy On The Internet” but also don’t want other people to read some of this shit and think it’s factual. Life is fucking stupid.

This extends to people’s bias as well. How the fuck can anyone seriously listen to anything I say about Cleary, Samuelsson, Tatar, or Nyquist? I like to think I can be reasonable and objective when analyzing players, but I know I can’t do it 100% of the time. Pretty much every writer has these and I think sometimes it takes too much mental exercising to deal with it. Have to remember that Darren Dreger is in the NHL/Leafs back pockets, that Helene St. James has a direct link to Ken Holland’s brain, and that basically every writer for all local teams/blogs has some kind of bias for certain players. Every time Dreger posts something, especially during the Lockout 3.0, had to take what he said, remove the NHL’s smell from his lips, then actually take in the information.

What’s this post going to accomplish? Absolutely nothing. I have no clue if I will be continuing to write or not. I’d like to be able to pump out more goal breakdowns or analytic posts, but what’s the point if 10 people read it? People are stupid and would rather look at slide shows of the Red Wings asses or some shit. I like doing it but I guess not as much as I thought.  Oh well.

That’s all for now. Enjoy your evening. And may Gustav Nyquist be forever in your dreams.




He turns 25 today, but he’s number one in my heart!


My 2014-2015 Red Wings Pledge & Challenge

AWWWWWWWWWWW Source: @WingsFanGirl Seriously, if this doesn’t get you to donate, you have problems.

I love hockey. I love animals. I strongly dislike Dan Cleary being on the Red Wings. How do we combine all these things for a good cause?

Pledge money! This upcoming season, I’ll be pledging money to the Michigan Humane Society based on the following items listed below:

  1. $1 for every goal/$.50 for every assist by Gustav Nyquist, Tomas Tatar, Riley Sheahan, Tomas Jurco, and any other “kid” that plays.
  2. $2 for every Red Wings victory.
  3. $2 for every game Petr Mrazek starts.
  4. $1 for every game Dan Cleary doesn’t play/ $1 extra if it’s a healthy scratch
  5. $1 for every Justin Abdelkader penalty minute

I will double all of these for the playoffs. And if that’s not possible, I’ll give $50 if the Wings don’t make the playoffs since I’d easily spend that on playoff tickets. And if the Wings win the cup….I will throw in an extra $120.

I’m assuming that all of you know how much awesome the Michigan Humane Society contains. If you don’t, it’s lots and lots of awesome. Go to their website listed above to find out more. And no, I don’t work for them and have no relationship with them. Only thing we have in common is that we both feel animals are the best.

With that, I CHALLENGE ALL OF YOU to do something similar this season. I’m not kidding around; caps lock proves it. Give to any worthwhile charity, whether it’s a pledge drive or just because. Doesn’t matter how much, every little bit helps. Some ideas include:

Michigan Humane Society

You Can Play Team

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Cancer Care

ANY OTHER CHARITY! Just don’t give to politicians; support something worthwhile that can actually make a difference. I’m more than willing to keep track for people and sum everything up as needed, if you want to do weekly/monthly payments to your charity of choice.

And now, it’s about a month until training camp begins and less than two months until the regular seasons exists. Let’s do this.


Which Defensive Prospect Should Be The First Call Up?



So now that I wrote a thing about each of the Wings top defensive prospects (click the Prospect Report tag and off you go!), figured it’s time to talk about who I think is ready and who needs more time. I’ll give a quick summary of each then make my list.

Adam Almquist

Signed a two-year deal in the KHL. The Wings still hold his rights. You all know this. It’s for the best, he can develop overseas (see Rafalski, Brian) and if he’s ready in two years, come back and challenge for a spot. But for now, he’s out of the equation.

Nick Jensen

Still needs more time in the AHL. I don’t know how much time he’ll get. The Griffins have Paetsch and Evans, in addition to Sproul, Ouellet, Marchenko, and Backman. If the Wings 7 are healthy, GRG either goes 7 D or has to bench someone. Either way, he’ll be in GR and won’t be the first call up.

Mattias Backman

Looked like he was ready in minimal AHL time. Isn’t physical, but plays very smart. Seeing the North American style was huge for him and could help him make the big club this year.

Alexey Marchenko

May have been the first call up, but he’s still not fully healed from his ankle injury in September. He only skated a little bit at Development Camp, helping to warm up the goalies and such. He’s working out and should be ready for Training Camp, but I don’t like a young prospect not playing for so long. I think he needs to start the year in GR, even if only for a few games.

Ryan Sproul

I want him on the Wings power play right now. Obviously, his defensive game needs some work, but might be better off making mistakes at the NHL level instead of the AHL. He’s got the most upside of all the other D prospects, but isn’t a sure thing.

Xavier Ouellet

You know I have a huge thing for WOOOOOOuellet. Never going to be a top offensive guy, but won’t hurt you in the offensive zone, and his intelligence and decision-making will more than make up for that.

Enough babbling, who would you call up?

6 – Adam Almquist. Since he is ineligible, obviously.

5 – Nick Jensen. With the limited games and minutes last year, needs more time to develop.

4 – Alexey Marchenko. May have been one or two, but needs some game action to see how the ankle is and get back in game shape.

3 – Mattias Backman. Might want to get him some more games in GR to help his transition, but wouldn’t be against him in Detroit.

2 – Ryan Sproul. If something happens and Kindl isn’t on the roster (*crosses fingers*), he goes to number one. And he’s on the first power play with Kronwall.

1 – Xavier Ouellet. He’s the most ready, at least in the defensive zone. With no other injuries, he’ll be in GR, but he’s so close.


This list may change after camp and preseason. Look for me to do another post. But I will say that if Brian Lashoff plays more games than any of the top 4 on this list, I will be mad. These kids can all do better than this. The future is here, Kenny.

The Leino Scale Update – Dan Cleary

The Dan Cleary contract is terrible. A $1.5m cap hit this year and another $1m in bonus money either on this seasons cap or next year.

It’s only a 1 year contract…for now. The cap hit isn’t terrible all things considered.  The player, however…

Fire Ken Holland.

Leino Scale Rating: 4.5

This might not all be about hockey but I don’t care…Cleary sucks.


I’ve been semi-open about this on twitter recently, but if you only read my blog, know that I’m not a perfect definition of “mental health”. I thought I was a little bitch as a high schooler and young adult because I couldn’t get a girl and such. Eventually, I’d grow out of it, right? I’m 30 now. Nope.

A couple months back, my brain basically shut off for a week. I went on a road trip to Toronto with my best friend and forced myself into having a good time. Didn’t want to be there but damn sure I’m not going to ruin the trip for others.  The next week was the worst of my life. I’ve been better now but still have my moments.  There’s a lot going on in my head. I probably need to see someone about it, but I’m a man and all that stupid shit I tell myself.

Hockey is the main constant in my life.  My brain is tied way too much to how the Wings do and how my rec team is doing. Play a bad game? I’m in the shitter for two days. Wings lose a two-goal lead in the third? Fucking die already. It wasn’t like this before 2011 because I had enough logic that they aren’t going to win every game. They’ll make the playoffs and it’ll be fine, still have a shot at the cup. Now? hahahahalolololamorotlfinghahahahlol

The Wings then signed Dan Cleary. Every positive thought I had – gone.  I had a previously scheduled dinner with a friend who doesn’t hockey much, so that helped. But now I’m home. I’m texting a few of you reading this right now, and you’re all as pissed as I am. Your mental status goes up and down as the Wings do. It’s extremely un-healthy, but we do it.

Today might be a good day. It might be the day that I try to really focus on the rest of my life. I will never not like hockey and the Red Wings. But I can control how much money I give them and how much of my brain they take. I know I’ve been saying this, but I need to start enjoying other things in life. I need more friends. More friends and human interaction means less brain issues. Both of those things mean that I might actually find a female and not die alone. Hooray!

I doubt I’ll be able to do this. Hopefully I can. I’ll get pissed every time I see Cleary out there while Jurco and Mantha and Pulkkinen and Callahan are in the minors. Let’s help each other out. The Wings don’t deserve our love and devotion when this shit happens.

I am better than this (how I know I’m better, never would have said that three months ago). I am going to be able to enjoy my life and not deal with this bullshit.  Like I said, I’ll watch and cheer and such. But I really hope I can not have my whole life revolve around the Wings any more.  I deserve better.

Fire Ken Holland.




Fire Holland

There is no excuse to sign Dan Cleary. None.


I am too angry to write coherent thoughts about this. Worst move possible,


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