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Mikael Samuelsson By The Numbers

I think you all know how I feel about Mikael Samuelsson:

Two really bad hockey players

Me and Sammy at Training Camp (photo credit: the biggest asshole ever/my best friend Jason)

I had a few free moments during lunch at work today and decided to analyze Samuelsson’s stats based on his salary the past two seasons.  I didn’t look into the “advanced stats”, just basic goals/assists/points based on his salary.

Note: even though he was signed to a two-year/$6 million dollar deal, the lockout meant that players only received a portion of their salaries in 2013.  This is reflected in the numbers below (all stats courtesy of HockeyDB.com).

I am not making any of this up

I am not making any of this up

Yeah, I’m just assuming he’s not playing in any playoff games this season.  Just a hunch.

One regular season goal.  $4,756,098 in cap space.  That’s amazing.

But I know we’re Red Wings fans, so we mostly care about how players do in the playoffs (example: why Johan Franzen still has supporters).  See where I’m going with this?  Let’s take a look at how The Worst Player In The History Of Ever did when we take into account his playoffs stats:


MIKAEL SAMUELSSON ONLY SCORED TWO GOALS IN TWO (well, 1.5) SEASONS WITH THE DETROIT RED WINGS. 6 points.  Regular season and playoffs.  He was paid a total of $4,756,098 for two years of this.

Remember all those times when you people gave me shit for hating the Sammy signing so much?  Yeah,  Suck.  It.


Random Wings Thoughts

  • I am not a fan of Justin Abdelkader right now.  I’ve never been a big Abby fan, but him being in the top 6 is detrimental to the Wings.
  • I am a fan of Bertuzzi, Samuelsson, and Cleary not being in the lineup right now. And they better not be on the payroll next season.
  • I am not a fan of Johan Franzen right now.  The last “good” playoffs he had? 2010.  Proof from HockeyDB:
  •                                           --- Regular Season ---  ---- Playoffs ----
    Season   Team                        Lge    GP    G    A  Pts  PIM  GP   G   A Pts PIM
    2001-02  Linkopings HC               SEL    36    2    6    8   64  --  --  --  --  --
    2002-03  Linkopings HC               SEL    37    2    4    6   14  --  --  --  --  --
    2003-04  Linkopings HC               SEL    49   12   18   30   26   5   0   1   1   8
    2004-05  Linkopings HC               SEL    43    7    7   14   45   6   2   0   2  16
    2005-06  Detroit Red Wings           NHL    80   12    4   16   36   6   1   2   3   4
    2006-07  Detroit Red Wings           NHL    69   10   20   30   37  18   3   4   7  10
    2007-08  Detroit Red Wings           NHL    72   27   11   38   51  16  13   5  18  14
    2008-09  Detroit Red Wings           NHL    71   34   25   59   44  23  12  11  23  12
    2009-10  Detroit Red Wings           NHL    27   10   11   21   22  12   6  12  18  16
    2010-11  Detroit Red Wings           NHL    76   28   27   55   58   8   2   1   3   6
    2011-12  Detroit Red Wings           NHL    77   29   27   56   40   5   1   0   1   8
    2012-13  Detroit Red Wings           NHL    41   14   17   31   41  14   4   2   6   8
    2013-14  Detroit Red Wings           NHL    54   16   25   41   40
  • Danny DeKeyser is really good, but it’s kind of annoying how he is almost immune to criticism from Wings fans.  I know the dude is from Michigan and chose the Wings, but he makes mistakes.
  • I enjoy Gustav Nyquist.
  • SOUSEQUISTplayoffs

    WOOOOOOO (stolen from redwings.nhl.com)


  • Jonas Gustavsson is the perfect definition of an average backup goalie, but holy shit is he unreliable from a health perspective.
  • The Wings lack of NHL depth on D really scares me.  Doesn’t seem like E will be back anytime soon, and if another guy goes down, I don’t feel comfortable at all with Almquist/Ouellet/Sproul against Boston or Pittsburgh.
  • I would do anything to get Patrice Bergeron on the Wings. Anything. ANYTHING.
  • I am going golfing later today so I must be on the Toronto Maple Leafs. Bye!



Just A Reminder That The Blue Line Patrol Exists

Hey all!

If you only follow this blog, you should know that I now write and podcast over at The Blue Line Patrol.  Michelle and I rock the Wings/Griffins/Prospects information, so check it out.  Go Wings!!

Nicklas Lidstrom: The Videos

I was talking with a relatively newer hockey fan recently, and it became apparent that this person missed the majority of Nicklas Lidstrom’s career.  I’m guessing this is the case for lots of newer Wings/hockey fans.  I’ve decided to be an educator and do a post with all the amazing Nick moments possible.   Okay enough of this, let’s all get our Lidstrom on!

First NHL Goal:

First NHL PLayoff Goal:

Get your popcorn ready: 1997, 1998, 2002, and 2008 playoff goals:

Not a play that will show up in the box score or the highlights, but the main reason I <3 Nick so much – the great little defensive plays that nobody else can make:

The goal was in a video above, but the pass….holy crap:

1,000th point:

First two career points (assists vs Toronto):

TSN feature on Nick’s amazing everything:

I don’t even know how to describe this awesomeness:

BABY NICK!  The best part is hearing him speak during his rookie year. He’s even perfect at (eventually) learning English:

Gold medal winning goal in the 2006 Olympics. That shot.  Wow.


And he played goalie too!  (yes I know the puck may not have gone in, but w/o the skills to get there, would have been a tap in):

Lidstrom being a badass (with bonus Lebda getting smacked!):

Because shooting the puck into an empty net is too easy for THP.  Challenges!

He also could have been an all-star forward too! (with bonus slow mo and the end):

Remember when I said he was an awesome goalie:


All Nick’s goals in his last season :((((((((((((((((((((((((

Some history from CBC:

And finally, the 2008 Stanley Cup Presentation:

I’m aware I probably missed your favorite Nick video.  If I have, please yell at me on the twitter (@KevinN37) and include the link and I will update this post.  Trust me.  Lidstrom forever.

Reminder: Go Check Out The Blue Line Patrol

Just a reminder that I’m currently podcasting and (occasionally) writing over the The Blue Line Patrol.  Posting here will be much more infrequent, so head over to the Blue Line Patrol and get all your hockey goodness.

Hockey is the best.


The Blue Line Patrol – Coming To An Internet Near You

Over the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed that myself (@KevinN37) and Michelle (@Slapshotg0al) on twitter have been teasing The Blue Line Patrol.  It’s probably time we just tell you the details behind that…

-logo coming soon…maybe-

The Blue Line Patrol is the name of a new hockey podcast, featuring Michelle and myself.  We’ll be talking about topical hockey items, mostly Red Wings, Griffins and other prospect things.  We’ll be recording the first episode on Tuesday, September 10th with publishing later that day or the next day.  Spoiler alert, the first episode will be heavy on the Red Wings prospect tournament this week in Traverse City.  I know, you’re excited already.

I hope y’all give it a listen.  We’re pumped to start, mostly because it’s almost hockey season and hockey is the best.


Jesus Lidstrom, patrolling the blue line (source: milve.com)

The Blue Line Patrol: Coming Soon

The Blue Line Patrol. It’s a new hockey thing. Coming to an internet device near you. Soon (okay, ABEL days from this posting).  In the meantime, look at this picture to hold you over:



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