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Griffins Report: October 13th vs Hamilton

Well kids, the Griffins lost again on Saturday night, this time 4-3 in a shootout to the Hamilton Bulldogs (Montreal).  They did play much more physical than Friday night, but overall, did not have the greatest hands.  I don’t know how many times they passed the puck and the player just whiffed on receiving the puck when it was right on his stick.  Shit happens sometimes, and trust me, I do that ALL THE TIME.  I’m thinking of patenting it as my move.  Moving on…

Let’s start from the beginning.  Before every Griffins game, Tomas “THE SOUSE” Tatar does some awesomeness with his silky smooth hands.  My friend Jason got video of this, and here it is below:

(I’ve also been told some people don’t know why he’s called THE SOUSE.  I will write a post later this week and explain everything.  In great detail.  Also, Jason’s favorite player is Tatar and mine is Nyquist and Jason and I are best friends and Nyquist and Souse are friends and that makes us go awwwww!)

Awesome Souse Is Awesome.
Photo Credit: Me, bitches.

Here are the lines the Griffins started and finished with:











McCollum (starting)


Power Play:



Penalty Kill:

Forwards: Ferraro-Parkes (these two were AMAZING and got a nice shorty)-Hoggan-Aubry-Nyquist-Andersson

Defense: Lashoff-Evans-Smith-Paetsch (I think Nicastro got one shift on the PK; not 100% sure)

The forward lines did get switched for a decent amount of time due to Callahan and Grant each getting in a fight, as well as numerous penalties throwing off the rotation.  For quite a few shifts, Tatar-Sheahan-Jurco was BY FAR the best line of the night, mostly Team Slovakian Tomas (it’s a working title!).

And as a whole, I would say the defense played better than Friday night, but that’s not exactly saying much.  Almquist was benched in favor of Nicastro, and I think it was a good move.

As far as goaltending, McCollum shows flashes of being able to stop a beach ball, but the second goal was meh (shot from the blue line that was tipped he probably should have had), but since it was tipped, not going to totally fault him on.  The third was horrible.  There was a scramble on the left side boards.  The Bulldogs player just threw the puck on net and McCollum wasn’t ready.  Horrible goal to let in, especially with a tie game in the third.  Mrazek would have saved it.  Just sayin’…

The shootout was laughable for Grand Rapids.  Five players.  No goals.  Shootouts in the AHL are best of 5.  Nyquist tried the Forsberg move but the goalie didn’t bite on the fake and had his pad in position to make the save.  Smith made a decent move but Samuelsson’ed the shot wide.  Tatar looked like he tried to make a move but the puck was bouncing and the goalie easily poked it away.  Pare pulled a Hudler, where he just shot it as hard as he could right into the goalie’s knee.  Andersson also decided not to convert because that made sense the way his night went.  McCollum stopped 3 of 4 (with one hitting the post).  He gave his team a chance in the SO, but scoring less than me on a Saturday night is never a good sign.

Notice – no Jurco in the shootout.  WHAT THE FUCK BLASHILL?!?!?!  He’s got the best hands on the team.  I don’t get why he couldn’t get a shot.  I understand the Wings want rookies to earn their spot, but holy fuck balls, try to win some damn games.

Similar to the last post, I’ll go through and briefly talk about some of the top prospects on the team and what I liked/didn’t like:

Nyquist – Once again, showed flashes of awesomeness, but not as dominant as he should be at this level.  Looked like he was having skate issues since he had a hard time keeping his balance.

Tatar – Good, but wasn’t as dominant as Friday night.  Still the hardest working player on the team and I don’t get why he isn’t an alternate captain.

Andersson – Remember when I said he had good hands on Friday night?  Um…not so much on Saturday.  He led the unofficial count of  “fucking up receiving perfect passes” with at least three, including a Nyquist pass that would have sent him and Tatar on a 2 on 1.  Did not play a good game this night.

Jurco – Looked a little better in his second game.  Played great for a few shifts with Tatar when they dominated the puck on the boards and created chances.  Didn’t get much playing time in the third and none in OT.

Parkes – Amazing game, especially shorthanded.

Ferraro – Even more amazing game.  His awesome work led to Parkes one-time shorthanded goal.  He was probably the Griffins best overall player this weekend with Tatar coming in second.

Sheahan – Not bad, but not great.  Didn’t get much ice time.  I haven’t seen him play much, but it doesn’t seem like he has the offensive ability to be more than a third liner.  Hopefully he proves me wrong.

Smith – Was better than Friday night without a doubt.  He has those moments of awesomeness but then he was those bonehead plays where you want to punch him.  There’s no doubt he has the skill to be in the NHL, but I hope he has the head to be in there as well.

Lashoff – Meh.  Made some good plays but got burned on the first goal.  Badly.  Can’t see him as anything higher than a number 7 on an emergency basis with Detroit.

NicastroThis was his first hockey action since February due to sexual assault charges that were dropped.  He didn’t look out of place.  I would say he played solid.  It’s a compliment as a defenseman when people don’t notice you since you didn’t fuck anything up, which is exactly what Max accomplished.

McCollum – Well, Mrazek made 33 of 34 saves in Toledo.  Yep.

Hope you enjoyed my review.  If you missed my review of Friday’s game against Milwaukee, clicky click here and have at it.  Feel free to comment or yell at me on the twitter device (@KevinN37) if you disagree or want to hate on Samuelsson.  Until next time…


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