Pucking Wings

Hockey is the best.

Gustav Nyquist Got Hit in the Nuts Then Scored An Awesome Goal

We’ve all seen this GIF by now, and if you have male parts, you’ve cringed:

Yes, that’s Damiem Brunner and Nyquist playing soccer before the game. I’m guessing Nyquist won, so Brunner throws the ball at Gus…that went a little too far south.  Owwwwwww.

Anyway, Nyquist then went out and did this:

Awesome.  I guess this means that Brunner needs to hit Gus in the nuts with a soccer ball before every game.  TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM GOOSE!  Obvious joke(?) about rubbing Nyquist’s nuts if he needs it after the season is over.

Nyquist owns.

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