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Doctor Who: A Red Wings Comparison – Part 2 – The Companions

We all know summer sucks if you’re a hockey fan.  But if you’re a hockey fan who happens to enjoy Doctor Who, this just means more time to watch The Doctor and his awesome companions.  If only I had a TARDIS…

Being that there really isn’t anything hockey-wise to write about right now, I figure I would have some fun and do a couple of posts comparing Doctor Who characters to people in hockey because hockey is the best and Doctor Who owns.

This post will be about the Doctor’s companions.  Next up: The Doctors.

(note:  I am a relatively new Whovian, having only started watching the show back in March.  I’m only looking at the “new” Doctor Who since its re-launch in 2005)

Also, if you’re not caught up to the last episode, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS IN THIS POST!  I could have probably emphasized that a little more, hang on…


That being said, let’s get to it!  If you’re not caught up, go do something else like watch more Doctor Who.


Yeah…no comment?

Oh, Rose Tyler.  There are so many ways I could analyze her (and many more that aren’t appropriate for this blog), but I’m going to go kind of high level here.  Rose came into the show when it first started back up again, with a Doctor who (heh) was already in existence (just new to viewers).  Rose started a little shaky with the 9th Doctor, but did start to get much better towards the end of that season.  Once David Tennant came on board as the 10th Doctor, Rose stayed to keep things somewhat stable and also rock at being the companion.  It helped the show to have some continuity when the series wasn’t exactly “safe” to not getting cancelled.  Great work.

How does this relate to the Wings?  We’re looking for someone who came in and was awesome as a young player. This person then developed into an amazing player while playing with a different set of teammates/leaders. This person was never a main leader, but always very integral to the team and sometimes, the more important member. My Red Wings version of Rose Tyler is:

Oh, you amazing triangle head…

Pavel friggin’ Datsyuk.  He came into the league in 2001-2002 and while being amazingly skilled, was not the great player that we know today.  However, as the team shifted leadership from Yzerman/Shanahan to Lidstrom/Draper/Zetterberg, Pav remained a great companion and lots of times, the team’s top player.  Seeing as Rose was one of the best companions, it makes sense that she’s paired with one of the Wings best players.

Try and argue this.  You can’t.  Rose and Pavel are the bomb.


Her stare could kill a man.

Oh, Martha.  I’ll just be honest here, not a huge fan of Martha.  And according to what I read on the “internet” many Doctor Who fans are not too keen on Martha.  She was only on for one season (and a couple of guest appearances later on, but those aren’t as important).  She came with an established Doctor (Tennant (Tennant Forever)) and was adequate, but didn’t set the world on fire.

So, which member of Red Wings history does Martha compare to?

Hossa, not scoring a goal during the Cup Final.

Marian Hossa.  Came in to an established team and while not hurting anything by himself.  Didn’t exactly light it up towards the end, either. At least in my opinion, I had more feels when The Master “died” in The Doctor’s arms over when Martha left The Doctor because he didn’t love her.  Hossa left the Wings after going cold in the playoffs then being booed (by morons) every time he touches the puck in Detroit.  Meh.  Marian is also a close name to Martha, in case you weren’t already sold!


The Doctor, along with Donna, are your friend.

Oh, Donna.  Donna Noble.   Donna is a little bit different from the other companions, as she is a little bit older.  In addition, she also never really “fell in love” like the other companions did with David Tennant.  So, naturally, there is something wrong with her because David Tennant is perfect and amazing and okay I’ll stop with that now.

Donna’s first scene in Doctor Who was right after Rose left (ALL THE FEELS!) in the corresponding Christmas episode.  After that episode, she was not the companion for an entire season.  So, how I’m going with this one is that she’s a little bit older, a little less in love/emotional towards David Tennant, and was briefly in the show before departing and coming back.  Who does this sound familiar to on the Wings?

And his head is huge….

Todd Bertuzzi, ladies and gentleman!  Bert came to Detroit at the trading deadline in 2007 and left as a UFA.  After a couple of stops in Anaheim and Calgary, Bert came back to Detroit, semi-replacing Hossa the same way that Donna replaced Martha as the companion. Also, he’s a little older and towards the end of his career.  Mind.  Blown.


Mr. and Mrs. Pond!

Let’s just get this out of the way:  Amy and Rory are awesome at everything they do.  As far as “number of seasons” go, they are the longest-serving companions since the show re-started in 2005, being with Smithicles for 2 and a half series.  And since I had no clue when they were going to leave the show, as soon as the angels took them away, totally had quite a few man tears.  Manly and shit.

So, they’ve got longevity to them, which does make it a little easier to give a Wings comparable.  Amy is a redhead (YEAH SHE IS!) and Rory is an amazingly hot blonde and they have amazing chemistry together.  Why yes, I am forgetting about their almost-divorce.  Obviously, Amy was the “main” companion, but I consider Rory a very important part.  After all, he waited 2,000 years for her, because he is not an idiot.  Also, they left before they wanted to….damn Weeping Angels.  So….who do you have as Amy and Rory?

Eff Yeah Grind Line!

Kris Draper and Kirk Maltby!  Think about it – they were both Wings for a long time.  They were line-mates basically their entire time with the Wings.  Maltby signed a two-way deal and retired instead of going to the minors, while the Wings declined to sign Draper, leaving him to retire before he was really ready.  Draper is a redhead and generally considered “more important” than Maltby, and even though I disagree with that, it applies to Amy and Rory as well. Example of Maltby owning:

And there you have it.  Amy Draper and Rory Maltby.  Tell your friends.


No words can describe how perfect she is….

The Impossible Girl.  I know she’s relatively new to the show, having only appeared in just over half of series 7 and who knows what the future holds, but man, what a start that was.  I may or may not love her, leaning towards the “may” part of that.  I love her character and how she actually goes head to head with The Doctor and she’s so adorable .  Okay I’m going to stop before I get ahead of myself.  Instead, I’ll post one of my favorite moments from the show:


So, let’s review:  she’s new/young, she’s cute, she’s awesome, and she gives me some funny feelings.  Obviously, if you know me AT ALL, there is only one player this can describe.

Sorry, Jakub.  Better luck next time.

Gustav Nyquist and if you didn’t see this coming a million miles away, you have problems.  I suppose I should discuss the reasons why, so here goes:  both Gus and Clara are relative newbies, they’re both awesome and have the potential to be even more awesome, and they’re both as cute/adorable as can be.  Why they aren’t a couple yet is beyond me…

And because I posted my favorite Clara moment, I probably should post my favorite Nyquist moment:

Tag Clara, you’re in!

Just kidding, but yeah.  Since Clara is The Impossible Girl, then she can…help out Gus?  Worth a shot.  Seriously, they’d be the hottest power couple ever.  Especially if they released a certain kind of tape….I MEAN HIS OWN LINE OF HOCKEY TAPE or something.

And that’s what I have for the companions.

So, there you have it.  I’d like to give a shout out to the other half of The Best Friend Squad for talking about and helping me come up with some of the comparisons listed here…and for getting me into the show in the first place. If you have a disagreement or another suggestion, yell at me on the twitter (@KevinN37) and I’ll see what I can do. Also, if you tell me ANY spoilers about the show going forward, I WILL hurt you.  I’m not kidding.

Up next…The Doctors!  Tennant Forever.

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